How to promote an Instagram store?

How to promote an Instagram store?

In this article, we will share with you the secrets of how to promote an Instagram store.

Why Instagram?

Now this social network has become almost the top-ranked one for business. This is where the target audience of most business niches «dwells». Therefore, if you are looking to open your store, Instagram is a great platform for making a profit.

But best site to buy instagram followers —

First, it doesn’t cost a dime to register a profile. Secondly, you don’t need to rack your brains over a unique design, but if you already have a website, then this is an excellent source of targeted traffic to your web resource. Thirdly, there are many ways to promote your store, including free ones.

We create a business profile

An Instagram store is primarily a selling resource, so it’s better not to use a personal profile for it. A business account allows you to increase the level of consumer loyalty, and also has improved functionality for business: communication buttons, you can set up a Google map so that a person can find your office or showroom faster, launch targeted advertising in stories, and more.

To use this option, you need to link an Instagram page with a Facebook profile.

Don’t forget about calls to action and website URL in your profile header

It is the account header that is the mechanism for promoting your brand on the web. It is the call to action located in this area. Helps to get traffic to your web resource, or to a specific product page or any other section of the site.

How to write the text correctly:

Explain to the audience what they need to do and where to click, for example, «Click on the link if you want to buy a cool gift for your loved one!» or “Check out an overview of our new clothing collection”;
Use emoji to visually grab attention.
But the information must also be relevant to the audience. Nobody will follow the link if the consumer is waiting for an uninteresting and boring video or low-quality products. Therefore, first of all, it is worthwhile to thoroughly study your target audience in order to know which offers it will react to faster.

Selling and engaging content

So, the main way to promote an Instagram store is to post interesting and high-quality content. Do not forget that this social network is aimed at visuals, that is, you need to first of all take care of attractive images of your products and preferably from all angles so that the consumer can better consider the future purchase.

Each post should be associated with your company, so think about the corporate style of the posts in advance. It’s best to first look at the successful profiles of your main competitors to get some inspiration.

Use hashtags

It is hashtags that are the main helpers if you need to promote a store on Instagram. They help a potential client find the right product and choose your company from thousands of others. Therefore, do not forget to put them down with each new publication.

Over time, as the store becomes more popular, you can come up with a couple of branded hashtags that will associate with your company and help consumers stay tuned. It is also advisable to dilute the hashtags with text so that they look more natural and motivate users to put them in the search in order to follow your profile posts.

Targeted advertising

This is perhaps the most effective way to promote your store on Instagram. However, before you start customizing it, decide on the goals that you want to achieve:

Brand recognition;
Increase in the number of followers;
Increase in conversion.